I would like to announce the launch of my next art exhibition at Paul Ramsay Galleries, MAMA. 546 Dean Street, Albury , NSW 2640 , Australia.

I would like to announce the launch of my next art exhibition at Paul Ramsay Galleries, MAMA. 546 Dean Street, Albury , NSW 2640 , Australia.

Friday 7th June 2019 - Sunday 18 August 2019

Zzzzz: Sleep, Somnambulism, Madness

546 Dean Street, Albury NSW 2640
02 6043 5800

Where: Paul Ramsay Galleries, MAMA.

Price: FREE

Zzzzz: Sleep, Somnambulism, Madness assembles and commissions works by a selection of contemporary Australian and international artists that explore the realm of sleep and its representation in art.

From the grand foyer entry to the main gallery upstairs, visitors will see installations, video work, drawing, painting, and sculpture that explore ideas of the subconscious, delirium and altered states; that examine the way the sleeping figure is represented in contemporary art; and that questions the impact of work and economic pressures on relaxation.

Zzzzz is presented in a theatrical and immersive environment, as if one is walking into a series of darkened bedrooms, yet no one appears to be asleep.

Rather than view sleep as a moment of fatigue, weakness or vulnerability, this collection of works reflects upon the relationship between our physical being, and our mental processes, consciousness and subconscious. At times serene and tender, and at others deeply disturbing, this exhibition casts a lens on how artists attempt to make sense of the process of dreaming, its mysteries, its potentialities, and its vital function in helping us form memories and make sense of the world.

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Launch of my latest Art Exhibition

I would like to announce the launch of my next art exhibition in Melbourne , Australia.

Opening night : Friday 5th October, 6pm - 8pm 
At Gertrude Contemporary 
Exhibition Dates: 5th October - 3rd November 2018

Gertrude Contemporary || 21 High Street, Preston South

Zzzzz: Sleep, Somnambulism, Madness assembles and commissions works by a selection of Australian and international artists to explore the representation of the sleeping figure within contemporary art, and how artists attempt to explore ideas of the subconscious, delirium and altered states. Other works within the exhibition explore the politics of sleep in our rapidly evolving times to consider the impacts of work and economic pressures upon relaxation. At times serene and tender, and at others deeply disturbing, the exhibition considers what transpires during our sleeping life as a means to reflect upon the relationship between our physical being and mental processes, consciousness and subconscious.
Depictions of sleeping figures have featured heavily in the history of Western painting and sculpture, often rendered to suggest beauty, vulnerability, sexuality or fatigue. This project departs from such passive representation to cast a lens on how artists attempt to make sense of the process of dreaming, its mysteries and potentialities as a critically vital, and little-understood function helping us to make sense of the world and in the formation and suppression of memory.
Participating artists: Chicks on Speed (Australia/Spain, USA, Germany); Lee Hadwin (UK); Mabel Juli (Australia); Barbora Kleinhamplová & Tereza Stejskalová (Czech Republic); Kate Mitchell (Australia); Erica Spitzer Rasmussen (USA); The Telepathy Project (Australia); and Javier Tellez (Venezuela/USA).
Curated by Mark Feary

To download the media release and high-resolution images please, Click Here.

In partnership with the Melbourne International Arts Festival and Murray Art Museum Albury.


Fundraising Event and Auction in aid of The Alex Lewis Trust

I will be donating this piece of art in aid of The Alex Lewis Trust which will be auctioned off this Saturday 8th October 2016

The fundraiser will start at 7:30 PM - Late

If you are interested in placing a bid between now and the event please email me via this website with your offer.

Title: 27.7667                                                                                                             Size: 11.7" x 16.5"  Acrylic paints on white paper produced in 2009 - Original piece with certificate of authenticity.

Title: 27.7667                                                                                                           

Size: 11.7" x 16.5"

Acrylic paints on white paper produced in 2009 - Original piece with certificate of authenticity.


Event details


The Plas Pigot Country Club, Ruthin Road, Denbigh, LL16 3ER.


Picture from the last fundraising event - Mount Snowden sponsorship walk - North Wales

Picture from the last fundraising event - Mount Snowden sponsorship walk - North Wales







I am looking at launching a UK art exhibition here in London. The funds will cover all framing and costs for press night.

About the project

This will be the launch of a new exhibition and talk based around dreams and art works that have not yet been seen by the public.


Butterfly Ball June 25th 2015

Lee will be donating one of his original drawings for auction in aid of Caudwell Children at this years Butterfly Ball. 


Title: 51.5027

Title: 51.5027

The annual Caudwell Children Butterfly Ball is one of the UK's most exclusive charity balls attracting worldwide media attention and a host of A List stars!

The glamorous evening includes gourmet dining, world class entertainment, a VIP champagne reception and a charity auction with money-can't-buy prizes.

The Butterfly Ball provides a unique range of packages for sponsors, whilst also generating funds to help the thousands of disabled children in the UK and their families.

Each year the event raises millions of pounds to help change the lives of disabled children living in the UK.

Anyone interesting in attending the event or receiving more information should contact the Events Team on 01782 600 444 or email butterflyball@caudwellchildren.com


Charity Three Legged Race - In aid of SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit)

I'm proud to announce that I have been invited to help out for this years Annual Three Legged Charity Pub Race along with Leah Roberts and others for Denbighshire. The event is organised annually by Christine Carruthers from The Plough in Denbigh. A The date this year is Sunday 24th May 2015.

The chosen charity for this years Three Legged Charity Pub Race is SCBU ( special care baby unit) at Glan Clwyd Hospital . Christine Carruthers from The Plough in Denbigh has been assured that this unit will remain open and functioning at Glan Clwyd Hospital .
If you have any questions about the event or the charity then please contact Christine Carruthers as this will be her 20th year organizing this wonderful pub race.

This year also there will be a " celebrity" in each pub !!!! Each pair will not only need their cards signed /stamped but they must also name the celebrity !!!!

Please follow the event page on Face Book via the link below:



I am pleased to announce that the charity donation page is now live.



I just want to personally thank all the pubs/bars that are participating in this years event.

Masons at 2pm

The Masons
The Plas Pigot
The Railway
The Hope and Anchor
The Kings
The Eagles
The White
The Golden
The Wings (RAF)
The Vaults
The Brit
The Hand
Finish at The Plough were the entertainment will begin!

I just want to also thank Kyle Parry for his time that he is donating on the night!


Exhibition - Hong Kong Sept 29th - Oct 4th 2014

睡梦鬼才艺术家Lee Hadwin「 梦游毕加索」 首度越洋登陆香港展示矌世画作 全港独一无二以超过6,000个LED灯创作的「光树云影」 伴随逾30件国际名师设计的精致家具 展现时尚寝室新灵感 HomeSquare为「全港最大一站式家居主题商场」,汇聚世界各地多样化的灯饰及寝室品牌,致力提供国际级且设计独特的灯饰及尊贵寝具予一众追求时尚生活及品味优闲生活的人士。由2014年9月27日至10月26日,HomeSquare呈献「光说梦话 – 睡‧访灯饰寝具展」,率先邀请了独一无二、被艺术界冠以「梦游毕加索」称号的英澳籍艺术家Lee Hadwin 远度亲临到港,首次与大家一同体验「梦游艺术」的非凡才华。同场加映「寝室密语」辑录专区及阅赏区 ,分别细听及阅读逾百位港人及名人的寝室秘密。 此外,HomeSquare更带来全港独一无二、由超过6,000个LED灯创作而成的「光树云影」,以及逾30件由国际着名的灯饰及寝具设计师创作的精致家具,瞬间为您家居寝室注入流行时尚新灵感,缔造优质睡眠质素。

「 梦游毕加索」Lee Hadwin 惊世画作首次驻港 相信每人都有自己独特的「寝室密语」(Bedding Secret),HomeSquare特别邀请了被艺术界冠以「梦游毕加索」称号的英澳籍 梦游画家Lee Hadwin ,为大家带来12幅首次踏足亚洲来港展出的矌世画作。 鬼才画家Lee Hadwin的创作手法层出不穷,是次展出的作品都能展现出他多变的风格。当中的作品「Awakening」,完美地表达出画家在梦中绘画时,不经意地透露出他内心对时间、自然和宇宙的关系;而他勾画的「Success」画像更充分展现Hadwin高超出众的艺术才华,细腻非凡的创作手艺,揭示梦游作画的鬼斧神工。此外,「Continuity」不但展露出他多变的绘画手法,更被认定为其画作中价值最高(£20,000)的作品。此外,Lee Hadwin特意为HomeSquare创作了一幅色彩丰富、名为「Beach」的画作,亦将首次于HomeSquare绝密登场。


Lee Hadwin拥有非凡的艺术才华,自4岁开始梦游作画,在睡梦中开始了他的绘画生涯,创作出超过200幅素描肖像、人物和风景等画作。Hadwin梦游时会在墙壁、书桌、衣服、旧报纸上,用钢笔、蜡笔、水彩、炭笔等颜料作画。多年来不断的练习,令他的画功亦更细致,令人留下深刻印象。至今,世界各地的画廊和电视节目都对Hadwin这个令人费解的才华深表好奇。 「寝室密语」辑录专区及阅赏区︰逾百位港人及名人的「寝室密语」大揭秘

HomeSquare现场更设有「寝室密语」辑录专区及阅赏区,搜罗逾百位港人及本地名人的寝室秘密。 当中包括着名插画师邓卓越 Dorophy Tang、资深香港填词人、创作单位《黑纸》创办人及专栏作家林日曦、香港电影界着名的青年女编剧、专栏小说作家杜致朗、香港独立剧团「好戏量」首席女演员赖恩慈,以及知名主持人林子博与儿子林卓楠,让大家细听他们别开生面的寝室密语。

超过6,000颗灯泡「光树云影」 为家空间注入温暖 光影舞动的变化能为空间增添生命力、精湛的光影运用让家居温暖的感觉进一步提升,令空间艺术气息满载。全港独一无二、由超过6,000个LED灯组合而成,高约4米、阔约3米的巨型「光树云影」将于HomeSquare首度曝光。外型壮丽宏伟设计独特,向上仰望仿如一棵茂盛的大树,从外观赏则像一抹散发亮光的云彩,给人温暖的感觉,缔造一个浪漫温馨的时刻。 此外,场内亦展示逾30件由国际着名灯饰及寝具设计师创作的家具产品,当中的灯饰包括︰由美国着名的儿童读物插画家Tim Coffe设计的树脂海胆底座台灯、曾在第四届深圳国际家居饰品展展出的三轮车台灯,及由意大利着名Murano玻璃艺术制成的Bloom 吊灯等。同场亦将会展示最新款的纽西兰进口系列床褥、甜梦® 沃尔柔软承托床褥,及尊贵系列皇亭型号床褥等,为大家启发家居寝室设计的美学智慧。

免费换领限量版「Make my page 时光之旅」创意枱灯 同时,HomeSquare更举行「光说梦话 – 睡‧访灯饰寝具展」消费推广活动,于2014年9月27日至10月26期间,顾客只须于推广期内亲临HomeSquare,凭电子货币 (信用卡、易办事或八达通) 于两间或以上指定的不同商舖累积消费满港币$4,800 (每张收据必须超过港币$500),即可免费换领限量版「Make my page 时光之旅」创意枱灯乙份(价值: 港币$680),而消费满港币$3,800 (每张收据必须超过港币$500),更可有机会换领名贵灯饰或床上用品,当中礼品包括︰爱皇健高承托太空枕(价值: 港币$990)、床上被连豆豆咕臣(价值: 港币$1,280) 、 LED气氛灯(价值︰港币$1,399)及其他丰富礼品 (合共385份)。礼品数量有限,先到先得,换完即止。



April 2013 Interview with Grace Holliday.

Lee Hadwin, Sleep Artist

Sleep artist Lee Hadwin talks about his unique art and the tests it took to prove his talent as genuine.

Thank you for talking with me Lee. Please tell us about being a sleep artist.

At the age of four years of age I would get up in the middle of the night and just start scribbling on my bedroom walls, I would go downstairs and do the same on our dining room table and draw on almost anything. At the time my parents didn’t think too much of it as I was only scribbling and not producing anything fascinating so to speak, it was only into my teens that my scribbles developed into more recognisable images such as the Three Marilyn Monroe‘ that I drew.

Being known around the world now as the “Sleep Artist” is something I never ever imagined and I try and take it all in my stride. What is great however is being able to help certain charities by using my art and public appearances. I believe if you can do something good with a talent you have then I think you need to funnel that energy in a positive way. I took on the charity Missing People a few years back and am now an ambassador for the charity.

You have had tests done to prove that you were really asleep. What did they consist of?

Over the years I have had many tests done here in the UK and overseas. I have visited theEdinburgh Sleep clinic on quite a few occasions and I have also been tested by scientists in Japanwhilst filming a documentary for Fuji TV.

The test are not too bad they wire you up nightly and measure your brain waves whilst you are asleep it can be a little difficult getting off to sleep with all the wires but once your asleep it’s all good.

The hardest part is the sleep deprivation they put you through prior to going asleep, this consists of staying up and awake for over 48hrs the idea is that this can bring on sleepwalking episodes in a lot of people. The Edinburgh Sleep Clinic and scientists from Japan have noticed that I have a huge amount of restlessness whilst I’m asleep it’s like my mind is asleep but my body is not.

Further tests are still taking place.

Was it a huge relief to finally have proof that what you were doing was genuine? 

Yes it’s great to have some kind of proof, it’s never really been an issue for me as I know what I do! The hardest thing I’ve had to prove is that I cannot reproduce the art whilst I’m awake that i create whilst I’m asleep.

Lee Hadwin

What is your art like when you are awake?

My art whilst I’m awake is – well it’s not art let’s leave it at that!! It’s laughable!

So what inspires you?

Positive people with great life stories , people who struggle daily and still manage to smile!

Which other artists that you admire?

My favourite artists are Kandinsky and Tracey Enim

Do you think you talent will disappear one day? 

I never really think about it – If it does it does. I think worst things can happen In life!

So what’s next for you?

I have a lot coming up – The documentary I did for FUJI TV will be released later this year. I will be focussing a lot on the Missing people charity and have been invited to appear at the AFME in the USA in June which i am currently working on a stage show of my life.