April 2013 Interview with Grace Holliday.

Lee Hadwin, Sleep Artist

Sleep artist Lee Hadwin talks about his unique art and the tests it took to prove his talent as genuine.

Thank you for talking with me Lee. Please tell us about being a sleep artist.

At the age of four years of age I would get up in the middle of the night and just start scribbling on my bedroom walls, I would go downstairs and do the same on our dining room table and draw on almost anything. At the time my parents didn’t think too much of it as I was only scribbling and not producing anything fascinating so to speak, it was only into my teens that my scribbles developed into more recognisable images such as the Three Marilyn Monroe‘ that I drew.

Being known around the world now as the “Sleep Artist” is something I never ever imagined and I try and take it all in my stride. What is great however is being able to help certain charities by using my art and public appearances. I believe if you can do something good with a talent you have then I think you need to funnel that energy in a positive way. I took on the charity Missing People a few years back and am now an ambassador for the charity.

You have had tests done to prove that you were really asleep. What did they consist of?

Over the years I have had many tests done here in the UK and overseas. I have visited theEdinburgh Sleep clinic on quite a few occasions and I have also been tested by scientists in Japanwhilst filming a documentary for Fuji TV.

The test are not too bad they wire you up nightly and measure your brain waves whilst you are asleep it can be a little difficult getting off to sleep with all the wires but once your asleep it’s all good.

The hardest part is the sleep deprivation they put you through prior to going asleep, this consists of staying up and awake for over 48hrs the idea is that this can bring on sleepwalking episodes in a lot of people. The Edinburgh Sleep Clinic and scientists from Japan have noticed that I have a huge amount of restlessness whilst I’m asleep it’s like my mind is asleep but my body is not.

Further tests are still taking place.

Was it a huge relief to finally have proof that what you were doing was genuine? 

Yes it’s great to have some kind of proof, it’s never really been an issue for me as I know what I do! The hardest thing I’ve had to prove is that I cannot reproduce the art whilst I’m awake that i create whilst I’m asleep.

Lee Hadwin

What is your art like when you are awake?

My art whilst I’m awake is – well it’s not art let’s leave it at that!! It’s laughable!

So what inspires you?

Positive people with great life stories , people who struggle daily and still manage to smile!

Which other artists that you admire?

My favourite artists are Kandinsky and Tracey Enim

Do you think you talent will disappear one day? 

I never really think about it – If it does it does. I think worst things can happen In life!

So what’s next for you?

I have a lot coming up – The documentary I did for FUJI TV will be released later this year. I will be focussing a lot on the Missing people charity and have been invited to appear at the AFME in the USA in June which i am currently working on a stage show of my life.