It all started back in Aug of 2008 I remember sitting at my desk on my computer and just being drawn to the time which was 11:11, it has been with me ever since.

Let me explain, I would look at the TV for instance whilst BBC News 24 would be on, at that exact time it would be 11:11

I would look at my mobile phone again 11:11. My grandfather’s birthday 11:11

I was catching a train in Barcelona platform 11 Train 11, time 11:11, I could look at a clock (digital) and it would be 11:11 even though the exact time may be 11:20.

Till receipts from the supermarket - time 11:11. My hotel room in Greece room 11 these are just a few of the times I see 11:11.

I can sometimes go months without seeing 11:11 then I may see it many times within a short period of time.

People have said it must be something to do with my drawings; however I believe this is something separate all together.

After speaking to a close friend of mine she advised me to look up numerology on the internet which I did. I just put in 11:11 into Google and found so many sites, it really was mind blowing there are so many people around the world that see this.

After a lot of reading and speaking to people around the world I believe personally that it is the spirit world either trying to contact us or prepare us for a future event. They call them, "Midwayers” Maybe it’s to prepare us all for the next dimension? A higher place so to speak.

I would be very interested to learn more from people who experience anything similar to what I am experiencing.

Please feel free to email me or post something on my blog or face book page endeavour to reply to as many people as possible.

I have added some links from other sites for you to have a read – Please note that some of the information on these sites is amazing, however not all the information contained in them is necessarily what I personally believe.


Seeing the Number 11

During the last few years, many people have repeatedly seen the number 11 in their environment. The number is seen much more frequently than one would expect.

If you are one of those people, this may help you understand any special message trying to be communicated to you.

The number may be seen:

  • By itself, as in an exit number or the price of an item. Example: Seating row number 11 in a concert hall.

  • As the number of the hour. 11 o'clock.

  • As the number of minutes after the hour. Example: 9:11.

  • Embedded within another number. Example: Phone number 435-0011.

  • Doubled up. Examples: Clock, 11:11; amount $11.11; and phone number 435-1111.

So, why are you seeing the number 11 so much?

If it feels like it must be a special message someone or some entity is trying to get to you, read on.



The Numerology Meaning of the Number 11

Some people claim the number 11 is an angel number. Some claim seeing the number 11:11 means you are a member of a special group, perhaps of spiritual lightworkers. Others claim alternate meanings, generally having to do with spiritual belongingness or messages.

Claims like that generally are outside the realm of numerology because they are not calculated from a person's birth name or birth date. However, numerology does say the meaning of the number 11 includes a spiritual essence.

The number 11 is the first numerology master number and has long been considered a spiritual number. 11 can be the number of a spiritual teacher or one who shows the way, who lives by example.

Therefore, if there is a personal message in your seeing the number 11 so often, the message is likely to contain a spiritual aspect.

The Numerology Meaning of 11:11, 11.11, and 1111

When the number 11 is paired, the meaning of the number 11 can be said to be enhanced or more powerful.

The numerology meaning of 1111 is initiating procedures to build a firm foundation for the future. With the spiritual aspect of 11 in mind, the future 1111 is building is likely to itself have a spiritual aspect.

Your Personal Message

If seeing the number 11 or 11:11 all the time really does contain a special message for you, it is likely to be spiritual in nature or contain a spiritual aspect. That doesn't mean it must be all spiritual, of course, or even that it must contain a spiritual aspect.

The page describing the numerology essence of the number 11 may help you divine your personal message.

Your message may be different than anybody else's. Or, it may be the same or nearly the same as the message others receive.


Please enjoy reading!